Making games
without compromise

Mighty Bear is a Singapore-based studio bringing the future of online multiplayer to a universal audience. Our team is built around industry veterans hailing from the likes of King, Ubisoft, EA, Lucasarts, Disney, Gameloft, and Jagex. Guided by AAA expertise and a mobile-first flexibility, our games combine the depth of desktop gaming with pick-up-and-play accessibility.

Our values



We do what's right, rather than doing what's "easy" or obvious. We don't follow the crowd, we forge our own path.



Execution over Perfection. We hold regular and frequent tests with our players to get the feedback we need to make games truly great.



We don't micromanage. We tell people what we need, not how to do it. We give people the room to grow and provide them with the tools and space to work their magic.



We don't care where you're from or what you're into. Everyone is treated the same regardless of seniority, background, ethnicity, or sexual preference.



Transparency and honesty build trust. We tell our staff the good and the bad. Only by having open and difficult discussions can we get the feedback, trust, and commitment we need to succeed.

Worlds of creative possibilities. 

Blending Dreams and Realities in Art and Design